Hub Of Finance Transformation (HOFT), headquartered in Downtown Dubai, U.A.E, is a global training and consulting services provider of business excellence solutions since 2018 with clients & students across Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa. Canada and America. HOFT is also a global Hub of more than 30,000 finance professionals from different parts of the world, with a vision to form a global community of finance leaders aspiring to transform their careers.

We are in the business of transforming finance careers, finance functions and entire organization to the next generation finance by leveraging world class expertise and decades of experience of our strategic partners and members with connected thinking and collaboration.

We have a world class team of experts in Finance, Finance Transformation, Finance Business Partnering, Digital Technologies, Data Analytics, Strategy and Leadership who have over 20 years of global experience within large groups of multinational companies including fortune 100 companies across Asia. Middle East, Europe, Canada and U.S.A.

Most of our team members have successfully run their own professional firms as well and have a variety of industrial and global knowledge with practical experience at the coal face.

We have put all these talents together to specialize in developing and transforming your finance careers. finance function & business to where you want to take it by synergizing this global talent.

Our Mission

To build a global network & community of highly polished, tech-savvy and strategic minded accounting & finance professionals with an unique ability to add tremendous amount of value to their employers, businesses, families and communities.
Our ultimate aim is to create, nurture & maintain an environment of growth, challenge & unlimited potential for all those around us.


To transform finance professionals into strategic finance leaders globally.


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