Andy Shambrook

Do you want to transform your finance career and prepare for the finance revolution?
I used to be a finance director, then I became a sales director. Then I co-founded an online start-up business and raised venture capital funding.
Then I found my passion – helping finance people be more than just the numbers.
So for the last 7 years I’ve travelled the World doing that, and trained around 7,000 finance business partners in over 200 companies.
I’ll show you what I learned as a sales director, that I wish I had known when I was a finance director.

I’ll show you how to build relationships, turn data into insights, bring numbers to life, and influence decisions.
In 2019 I went from one-man band to a global consultancy model with licensed partners around the World to support delivery to our global clients.
Whether you read my free content, take my online video course, join a public workshop, or schedule an in-house development programme, I make 3 promises:
1. We will only ever speak about things we have personally done and experienced. No text book theories. No consultants models that look great on paper and fail to deliver in the real World.
2. All our partners have been senior finance leaders, but more importantly have all experienced life outside of finance as sales directors, general managers and L&D heads.
3. We don’t offer finance training. Your finance team are already good enough accountants. We offer sales and marketing training so your team can engage non-finance and sell them their ideas to improve financial performance.