Accountants and Finance professionals have always been perceived as more analytical minded professionals as oppose to more strategic minded professional.

In order to transform yourself into world class strategic finance leader, playing the role of Finance Business Partners or Strategic CFOs, you need to first start by broadening your mindset by incorporating balanced mix of all of these 4 types of mindsets into yourself, as well as getting inside the mind of your various business partners who have one of these different mindsets, in order to collaborate effectively and build strong working relationships.

If you are communicating with someone and understanding which one of these 4 mindsets they have, then you will be able to better speak the language they are comfortable with.

By speaking their language, you are letting your personal brand shine through the way that resonates with them, by expressing yourself in a way that feels comfortable for them.

So, let’s explore each of these mindsets that people gravitate towards and the language to use when dealing with people with these mindsets as a finance business partner.

1). Analytical

Analytical minded person sticks with the facts, use logic, provide data & insights, like numbers and get to the point quickly. Professionals falls into this category are mostly accountants & finance professionals, data scientists, data analyst, statisticians etc.

Language to use: Stick with the facts, use logic, provide data, get to the point quickly…

2). Imaginative

People with this mindset are more holistic, intuitive, innovative, conceptual, visionary, creative and big picture oriented. These are mostly entrepreneurs, CEOs and other C-level executives.

Language to use: Focus on vision, strategy, themes, big concepts.

3). Interpersonal

People with interpersonal mindset are empathetic, supportive, expressive and inclusive. These are the mindsets of people work mostly in HR, Sales/Marketing functions etc. who deals with people.

Language to use: Focus on teamwork, culture, values and empathy.

4). Sequential

The sequential minded people are organized, structured, process oriented & detailed oriented. They are the people mostly found in operations or logistics etc. who like to see things run effectively and efficiently.

Language to use: Stay organized, provide details, timelines, processes etc.

Well, it’s important to note that no one is just one of these mindsets and we don’t intend to keep people in just one mindset, usually people incorporates 2 or 3 of these mindsets, but generally we gravitate to one of them based on its significance as explained above.

Mindset is one of the major enabler of transformation (either finance transformation or digital business transformation) and plays crucial role in success or failure of these transformation projects.

Therefore, being a strategic finance leader, we need to broaden our mindset beyond analytical mindset and also need to understand and embrace these different mindsets in order to communicate and collaborate effectively with different business partners by understanding them better and let our authentic personal brand as a Finance Business Partner shine through.

Author : Muhammad Zeeshan Taqi

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